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Lavender Lick Mat

Lavender Lick Mat

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Think of this lick mat as your new secret weapon to calm your dog on any occasion! 

We love using these lick mats to relieve separation anxiety, nerves and anxiousness during grooming, and calm the sillies during bath time. 

They are also the perfect boredom buster on rainy days, and can also be used as an enrichment toy when you don't have time to play fetch with your pup.  

Other recommended uses: 

⭐️ Use as a slow feeder 

⭐️  A clean way to treat your pup to their favorite messy snack... PB anyone?

⭐️  Need some quiet time? Use the lick mat to entertain your pup during important calls, meetings or just a little adult quite time! 


To use, simply spread your pup's favorite treat over the surface and in the grooves. Let your dog go to town and enjoy! Don't worry, you can also take it with you on the go, it sticks to most smooth surfaces such as tile and glass! The entire back is lined with small suction cups for a tight hold on your chosen surface. 

Microwave Safe - Freezer Safe- Dishwasher Safe

Product dimensions: 8.4" x 8.4" x 1" We recommend washing your mats upon receiving them!  They are newly poured food-safe silicone, and will have a slight silicone smell until washed.

Size Chart

Care Instructions

Spray with water to easily remove food from holes, then place in dishwasher or hand wash.

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